Sooki Song and the Brain 100cm by 100 cm, Acrylic 2016

How others perceive us has been a long held preoccupation of our collective consciousness, never more so with the ease and speed of today’s narcissistic selfie obsessive society. My interest in deconstructing our sense of self led to examine the ‘beauty of our own minds’ and potential of the ‘internalized selfie’. Using the brain of the infamous VJ DeepVisual, Charlotte creates a series of images of fleeting instances as seen on his MRI CT scan combined with the enchanting image of Sooki Song,. The image of Sooki is taken from an old photo that Sooki took of herself in a bathroom mirror at film school with the flash obscuring her most divine features. She is incorporated in to these works as the protector or ideals or ideas.  These snapshots of ideas at the point of forming, create the basis for this body of new work allowing us to question identity from a different physiological perspective.

Sooki butterfly 2.jpg

Sooki Song and the Brain, evolved. 100cm by 100cm, Acrylic

The legend of Sooki Song (120 cm by 100 cm)

Watercolour, Acrylic

The Legend of Sooki Song Part 1.jpg
The Legend of Sooki Song Part 3.jpg