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O CANADA is a limited series of 1/1 of playing cards that reflects upon the imagery and impact of a landed immigrant growing up in the small towns of the industrial EAST COAST. In later years, CN RAIL took me to the WEST coast, where I sharpened my skills as an underground projection artist and witnessed the daily prosecution of the poor and of the Indigenous people.

The O Canada series was initially inspired by the discovery of the first unmarked graves of 751 children.

'It was one of more than 130 compulsory boarding schools funded by the Canadian government and run by religious authorities during the 19th and 20th Centuries with the aim of assimilating indigenous youth. An estimated 6,000 children died while attending these schools, according to Murray Sinclair, and unsanitary facilities.' BBC 24/05/21

My childhood as landed immigrant in CANADA is something I reflect upon both politically & artistically.

20 percent of all sales proceeds will go to the Overdose Prevention Society.


The mandate of the Overdose Prevention Society is to be leaders in the harm reduction movement with a continual push for change and justice, offer employment and advancement opportunities for members of the Downtown Eastside community, and continually work to break the stigma of addiction through. empowering drug users and fighting against preconceptions of substance use. We continue to challenge the normalization of the opioid crisis every day. We are a community driven, grassroots initiative that bring people in from the alley and provide a safe and welcoming place to use d rugs


Unlockable content: If desired, you can choose to have an A3 size, 350 gsm silk print of the card, and will be eligible for future airdrops.

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