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The Protestors and Pussies series evolved as a response to the London riots and the arrest of Pussy Riot members in 2011, the second series was inspired by the global marches & protests of January 2016. Selected works featured in both Nasty Women inaugural London shows.



The original ‘Sinister Pussy’ collection emerged after completing a course at the Slade School of Art. The work was originally shown at the Vibe Gallery, Shoreditch as a successful solo show in 2013.I was intrigued by a particularly dystopian Orwellian quote regarding the future of the human race. I’d used the Freud imagery in larger murals alongside the cats to invoke a dreamlike anthropomorphism.

When creating the second series, inspiration came from seeing many slogans appropriated from the 1960’s second wave of feminism as well as from the works of the Situationist International (S.I).

Although many decades have passed the relevance remained the same.  

The third series ‘Holloway’ focused on the empowering and radical women of the past that created social change thru protest and the effects their lives had on society. Nasty Women vigorously promoted and encourages women artists. Promoting the Nasty Women of the past allows us to acknowledge and continue in their legacy.


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