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Goddess Scapgoating

Goddess ScapeGoat 3, 50cm by 50cm

Goddess ScapeGoat 1, 50cm by 50cm

Goats have always been associated with unbridled sexuality, lasciviousness and lust. Converesely these creatures have also been considered as whimsical and unstable animals.  This piece is a reclamation of sexuality, strength and the ancient.

The neon is a symbol of modernity and the fallopian tubes are representative of all who identify with the struggle and oppressions against the patriarchy. Each neon piece is unique and differs from the others; one is nailed down in places, one has many hands, and one is completely closed off, to represent the many and differing strands of reproductive ability and identification.

One holds a mirror inside the goat skull, so a reflection of the environment or of the self can be seen in the image of the goat skull. Regardless of biological gender at birth or current sexual identification, the image of the self is represented inside the neon glow of the fallopian tubes, ultimately a meditation on the human condition being more than the sum of our biological parts.


Goddess ScapeGoat 2, 50cm by 50cm


Surrender, Mirror and Resin, 50cm by 50cm


I,Surrender, Mirror and Resin, 50cm by 50cm

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