CWSTUBBS is a British born, Canadian self-taught artist. The projected images of her paintings once graced underground raves and the international club scene.  Once a large-scale video artist, CW has supported her art by making documentaries and working with young people excluded from school. Her imitable work has now appeared on many album covers, 2 Nasty women shows,  4 Bow Open Studios, bespoke work for an awareness campaign for the closing of Holloway Prison, a phenomenal show with Katherin Griffin at Flaxton Pooch and  t-shirts for The Silver Linings Project (to raise awareness of the benefits to health and wellbeing through creativity.) and several eateries. Two of her earlier works have been featured as part of the Art of Caring project in support of the incredible work of Nurses and Carers at the School of Nursing at Kingston University and St Pancras Hospital. Her work ‘Children of the Quarantine was recently featured in the inaugural Sweet’Art online show, ‘The Great Leveller’. Charlotte is a member of UK Colab.


From anthropomorphic cats, vibrant MRI brain scans and wrestlers Charlotte brings beauty and vibrant colour to subjects that are often disturbing or uncomfortable. Her love of colour, interest in social justice and current affairs, and the human condition informs much of her subject matter as do her terrifying dreamscapes. Her celebratory use of colour, vividly captures flash points of protest, death, politics and mental health.

She lives and works in East London.   

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