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GINA's, series 1 is a collection of 6 unique hand drawn digital works, embracing the power and beauty of grief & rage in the form of crying balaclava demon heads of all shapes and sizes.

© cwstubbs

on manifold, candyfeverjones.eth

The Sinister Pussy (Protestors and Pussies) series initially evolved as a response to the London riots and the arrest of Pussy Riot members in 2011, I was intrigued by a particularly dystopian Orwellian quote regarding the future of the human race and the popularity of cats on the internet.

When creating the first SP collection, I adapted the ORIGINAL SINISTER PUSSY (large scale murals) alongside original works from my 3 previous collage projects, that were inspired by the slogans of the 1960’s second wave of feminism, anti-government protests as well as from the works of the Situationist International (S.I).

Sinister Pussy became a symbol of dreamlike anthropomorphism and revolt..olt.

sinister pussy limited edition digital claim page, via manifold, a frame to be inserted here to do that asapok.


Wolfmama3 copy.jpg
Sunshine1 copy.jpg

You cannot own the colour black.

You cannot own the colour APE

You may not put your neo capitalistic claws

on the HEX 000 000 colour of my still beating heart

Inventing new forms of digital capitalism for snake oil

Salesmen, is not the way to the soul of the proletariat

#DontBeKapoor, #NFT

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