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Charlote head bar for web

I’ve no idea why stripping down into my skivvies in negative 20 cold came into my face last night. Maybe I’ve just been let down a little more than usual these last few weeks. Maybe that feeling in the cold light of London day needed a warm whiskey.  Fuck, life can be hard, as my partner says…but life is life.

When they were remodeling the London Royal Hospital, 2012 the playroom was designed by someone very fancy.

20 foot high plush tigers.

large screen TV/s

and a motion detector video floor to the sound of Outkasts ‘Hey Ya’, with the repetitive lyrics of shaking it like a Polaroid picture for the kids who could move their feet to move their feet to in order to stamp out large scale ants. Who designs this shit?

I must have heard that song a thousand times.

Just having a long look back, a short look back and thinking about the fact I’ve got 3 art shows, an open studio all happening in the next couple of months, new job, healthy child. maybe i would be much better to forget and let go of everything that’s ever gone before.

stupid brain. we are what we do, we are what we hold onto.

I’m saving my coppers for a beach house.

x x

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