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This is the end, beautiful friend.


Damien Hurst’s new project, the 50 million pound sunken ship is a great bloody idea. Make 50 million pounds of art, some gold leaf, some not. Pretend it’s all been under water, next to the coast of Benin for the last 500 years and discovered by some Captain cis roman amputee, I haven’t seen it, just the reviews. Pretend it’s a rarity, saved  from the dead, like 1980’s acid wash vintage and sell it to the punters for real gold. in Venice. I can’t even imagine. So 250 craftsmen, have made 125 or so pieces, that will make the public think, and i am sure as shit, that they are actually all very beautiful, and say something in their own right, that’s the thing with the new wave of art, as long as the That’s ole Damo isn’t it, he gets bored so easy, remember his diamond skull? couldn’t’ think of what art to make and best to make what surrounds you, at the time it was diamonds. Brilliant. But he does make a point, because that is how art, true art works, like the history of hip hop, or all of 8 of picasso’s wives all disjointed blue and angry at raising his children.  The art artists, or zeitgeist, just react to their surroundings, but for centuries wasn’t that what the art world allowed?  tbc. Fine fuck you, i don’t have word, but i have a vote and i have money.


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