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Terrorists and Treadmills

At the height of the 2o minute workouts, when i was in the dewy days of my youth. Back when terrorists only took over planes and UN buildings, I made this piece of work. An unrequited love of mine (known as PFJ PrimoFuckingJerk to my friends) would comment how strange it was , that someone that would make art like this would be into aerobics.

Sure I’ve spent a good deal of my life chain smoking and drinking. But one must embrace both the dark and the light in order to truly grow, adapt, thrive, survive. Survival is key.

Was thinking of this on my way to rhythm cycle the other morning. Fuck I hate aerobics and I don’t smoke anymore. The truth is, I can sometimes walk an overly sensitive passionate tendency towards self loathing/desperation/depression, and yoga/running/stupid aerobics lets me embrace my demons without letting them push me over the edge. Otherwise we can all get to trapped in our own fragile minds.

Plus, I love wine and I’m not naturally svelte, so healthy body and not psychopathic mind is a good thing.

So this is a #TBT is something that lays testament to just a continuation of keeping the balance. Oh, cycle rhythm sucked, I can’t stand the barbies.

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