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Now Forever Today

The Sinister Pussy (Protestors and Pussies) series initially evolved as a response to the London riots and the arrest of Pussy Riot members in 2011. I was intrigued by a particularly dystopian Orwellian quote regarding the future of the human race and the ubiquitous popularity of cats on the internet. When creating this NFT collection, I adapted the ORIGINAL SINISTER PUSSY painting alongside original works that were inspired by the slogans of the 1960’s second wave of feminism, anti-government protests as well as from the works of the Situationist International (S.I). Although many decades have passed since then, the relevance for me remains the same. Sinister Pussy is a dreamlike symbol of anthropomorphism and revolt.

MadLoveForever copy.jpg

Mad Love Forever

The Sinister Pussy is a dream symbol of anthropomorphism and revolution. In a
current series of 6, this digital collage of 90’s imagery, Deep Visual’s (international
VJ superstar) brain MRI is featured in the foreground. The background is an excerpt from a large-scale piece about a young adult coming to terms with the destruction of the world and the gods of change they strive to simulate.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Overdose Prevention Society - a grass roots harm
reduction program to aid those in crisis in the DTES of Vancouver, Canada.

2970 x4200

LoveUnderSiege2 copy.jpg

Love Under Siege

The iconic fist of revolution has its roots in the Black Panther party and was later adopted and
modified by the Socialist International movement. Within the context of my piece, the clenched fist
symbolises the crypto (r)evolution and the ground breaking world of NFT ART. Sinister Pussy is filled with Freedom taken from a 1980’s microfiche library slide. The background is a portion of a newbeautiful, cathartic and as yet untitled piece.
8017 x 8789 pixels, Large Printable jpeg available on purchase

We'll Meet Again copy.jpg

We’ll meet again

John Peters was a pilot who was captured, beaten and paraded on Iraqi television during Operation Desert Storm. Juxtaposed over a background expressing the futility of war, is an extract from my painting 'Drone War Babies', a reflection on the evolution of conflict and current Western flashpoints of crisis; the environment, the virus and mental health. The painting depicts a climate of mounting fear and misinformation, of quarantine and isolation, privacy violation and false truths normalised for the next generation. A band of police are shaded in the hills, ready to beat down the striking miners in Britain in 1984

Printable jpeg available on purchase 2886 x 3164 @300dpi

You Didn't Just Vanish copy.jpg

You didn’t just vanish.

  'I could never comprehend after the finality of death, you didn't just vanish, everything could just keep going on the way it was only you just wouldn't be there. I always thought I'd like my own tombstone to be blank. No epitaph, and no name. Well, actually, I'd like it to say 'figment.''
Andy Warhol

Armed Struggle3smaller.jpg

Armed Struggle

The Iconic image of Marilyn Monroe is reimagined as a cyclops astride a WWII tank at the heart of this one of a kind piece. Incorporating original watercolors of Korean sparrows it is intended to be a deep reflection of global Western acts of war, whilst expressing the hope of building new frontiers of exploration through new digital worlds.
Printable jpeg at 300dpi available on purchase.

SinisterPussyGoddess3smallweb copy.jpg

Sinister P & Goddess Amalgamation

I am currently exploring not only hundreds of shades of grey, but the concept of stolen beauty. During lockdown, I would roam the virtual halls of the British Museum and gaze upon the goddesses stolen from other lands and attempt to imbibe their beauty and divinity.
From these sketches, now gestating into large scale canvases, I have combined the iconic Sinister Pussy with a goddess interpretation. The goddess of the stars reminds us of our puny existence as well as reinforcing the notion that we although made of skin and bone, ultimatly are all born of stardust.

Once upon a tez....a hic et nunc making art fun stakes.

Wolfmama3 copy.jpg
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